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Single - released Feburary 14th, 2019

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Single - Released November 10th, 2018




About The Band


Pop hooks and Funky beats.

A bold blend of Pop, Funk, and R&B; Jake & The Heist take inspiration from today’s modern music, and flavors of the 70’s, to create their signature sound of memorable vocal melodies, unique percussion rhythms, and catchy instrumental riffs.

In 2018 Jake & The Heist were invited to open for Halsey and Wiz Khalifa at the Bonanza Campout Music Festival. That same year they won BYU’s Battle of The Bands, became the first band to play at Utah Fashion Week, were selected to play the Main Stage of the Craft Lake City Festival, and were hired to play the Traverse Mountain Outlet’s 7th Annual Tree lighting Concert with Disney’s Kevin Quinn.



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